How to Work Magic on Your Next Book

Self-publishing is not really self-publishing. It’s like team-publishing. Writing. Editing. Book cover designing. Formatting. Marketing. You probably should acquire help with most, if not all, of these stages along the way. You need to work with an editor before your publish your books. Trust me. This is one of those “learn from my mistakes” things, […]

The Design of an Attractive Book Cover

Book cover design is one of the most controversial areas of design. On the one hand, book covers are beautiful and original, on the other – they are sometimes boring and similar to each other since everything is done to maximize sales. While the layout rules remain more or less stable and versatile for decades, […]

How To Pitch Your Book

This is the eleventh post in Joe Biel’s Business of Publishing series. Each article attempts to spread information about best practices within the the publishing industry and clarify common confusions. Microcosm Publishing focuses on empowering readers to create the world that they want to see around them. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary on Feb […]

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